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Celtic Knots and Ebenezer Stones

I love to trace the lines of Celtic knotwork.  Without beginning or end, the thread twists and turns, weaving its way around other designs, doubling back on itself, and even interlacing with other threads.

The journey of life is like Celtic knotwork — our lives twist and turn, weaving around events and experiences that shape who we are.  Each pass through an experience is shaped by earlier passings; we never experience a place, thing, or event the same way as the last.

Our lives are shaped by events, experiences, and repeated lessons that are like Ebenezer stones, stones of help (1 Samuel 7:14).  These are the places, times, and seasons in our lives where the repeated dwelling on, in, and through leads to intricate weavings of the thread back and forth, around, under, and over the stone. Some stones remain long after we move on, waiting for our journey to lead us back to another pass or set of twists and turns around that stone.  With each passing, the stone shapes our life.   Two stones of primary interest for this blog are the stones of Christian tradition and scripture.

Our lives together are like a Celtic tapestry composed of the weaving together of many threads of individual lives.  Some threads never meet directly, some only overlap and intertwine once, some are entangled together, and some form intricate patterns that affect the entire pattern of each life’s thread.

Our lives are like Celtic knotwork — while we seem to have a beginning and end, birth and death, the promise of Christianity includes eternality through sharing in the divine life of the Triune God.  The little deaths along the way are moments of conversion, restoration, and rebirth such that, in retrospect, the hard turn or hidden portion of the loop is still one continuous thread.  These shifts in the pattern remind us that the sharpest turn, physical death, is but one more feature of the overall design as death comes prior to the general resurrection.